Mrinal Kanti Das

Teaching Experience

  • 2023 Jan-May: Deep Learning (DL), DL Lab

  • 2022 Aug-Dec: Data Engineering, Probabilistic Machine Learning

  • 2022 Jan-May: Deep Learning

  • 2021 Aug-Dec: Data Engineering (DE), DE Lab

  • 2021 Jan-May: Deep Learning, DBMS Lab

  • 2020 Aug-Dec: Data Engineering (DE), DE Lab

  • 2020 Jan-May: Database management systems (DBMS), DBMS Lab

  • 2019 Aug-Dec: Probability Models, Deep Learning

  • 2019 Jan-May: Introduction to Programming, DBMS Lab

  • 2018 Aug-Dec: Principles of Software Engineering, Topics in Machine Learning

  • 2018 Jan-May: Theory and Practice of Data Science, DBMS Lab

  • 2017 Aug-Dec: Paradigms of Programming

Outside IIT Palakkad
  • Privacy aware learning.
    This course covers topic in basic machine learning, differential privacy fundamentals and techniques. Later part it covers recent research papers and also mini-projects.
    Fall semester at Aalto university, 2015.
    Course page at Aalto University

  • I am also actively involved in Faculty Development Program on AI and ML in collaboration with Higher Education department of Government of Kerala since 2018.